Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Davidson Does it Again (basketball photos)

With the Davidson College regular season winding down, I wanted to make sure to photograph some of the remaining home games.
The Wildcats took care of business again last night downing UNC Greensboro, 75-66, on the way to their 18th Southern Conference win.
I'm looking forward to following Davidson's progress in March.
(Remember to click on the photos for better viewing. Hit the back button to return).
We're also excited about out "Faces of Davidson" photo project. I want to thank David Boraks for the nice mention in today.
Please send us your suggestions. Don't be shy. Tell us who you think we should include and why. Email us a
We're in the process of gathering names and we'll release more details about the dates of the portrait sessions soon.

Is this the so-called "Sixth Man?"


Boris Meno rejects UNCG's Kyle Hines

Curry drives

Thomas Sander hits the floor for a loose ball

"Mr. Assist" Jason Richards shoots one himself

Drawing a foul

Sideline humor

Happy Cats

McKillop and company are 18-0 in the conference


WB said...

"McKillop and company are 16-0 in the conference"

Actually 18-0.

Great photos, by the way!

Christopher Record said...

Oops I'll fix that Will. That darn Charlotte Observer got me confused with their headline.


Claire Asbury said...

As a student/avid fan, your pictures are a fantastic way to remember the wonderful moments that I enjoy so much but seem to be gone so quickly! Many thanks.

Unknown said...

Chris -
I think you should be the official photographer of Davidson Basketball! I am completely in awe!

Christopher Record said...

Thanks Claire and Hope! I've had a great time going to these games.

TK Hodgram said...

These are truly extraordinary photos. I'm in awe of your ability to see what others don't, and to be ready when precisely the right moment arrives. In other words, I attribute 90% of your success with these photos to skills that few of us possess. For the other 10%, would you mind sharing a few more technical details? Camera? Lens? Typical speed and aperture? Thanks.

Christopher Record said...

Thanks for the kind comments TK!
I use all Nikon equipment and most of these photographs were taken with a Nikon D2X. I also used a Nikon D200 for some.
I took most of the action shots with a 70-200mm VR lens set at a variety of different focal lengths. I also used a 17-55mm for some. Both of these lenses have a maximum aperture of f2.8, which is helpful in low-light situations.
Most shots were taken at 1000 ISO with a shutter speed of 1/500th of a second at f2.8.
You must have a high enough shutter speed to freeze the movement of the athletes.
I hope that helps!