Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ali in England and Nikon news

Alison is having a grand time living and working in London. (For those new to the blog, our daughter Ali loves to travel and has been back-and-forth to Europe several times.)
She and her friend Amanda took a train to Wales this past weekend to see Amanda's aunt and uncle.
Alison's next planned adventure is to spend St. Patrick's Day in Dublin...

Amanda, Amanda's aunt and Ali (L-R)

On the photography front, I'm excited about our latest purchase - the Nikon D3.
This amazing new camera offers technical advancements that will allow us to give our clients fantastic results in a wide variety of lighting situations.
For the photographers out there, the D3 yields beautiful results at ISOs up to 6400 and beyond. This feature will allow available light photography in many more situations than were previously possible.
I'm going to be testing the camera out at the North Carolina Dance Theatre's upcoming dress rehearsal so check back to see the images.

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