Monday, June 30, 2008

Family portraits

I haven't been keeping up with the blog too well lately but I wanted to share some fun family photos we did Monday.
Callan and Nicole are a great couple we've gotten to know after first photographing their son, Cal, when he was a baby. After Lily was born, we came back and did some more photos.
They recently moved into a new home and it was time to get some more pictures as the kids continue to grow.
Our dauther Alison, who recently returned from London, came along to lend a hand.
It's so nice to establish long-term relationships with clients and helping to preserve some of these wonderful times in their lives.

Lily and Cal have some fun

Nicole and Callan

Monday, June 16, 2008

A Dream Wedding

First dance for Stephanie and George

George had an idea.
He would dance with his beautiful new bride under a canopy of stars as all of their friends and family looked on.
Everything was set as he and Stephanie exchanged vows at All Saints Episcopal Church in Concord.
Friend and wedding planner Amy Johnson had things organized at the historic Beaver Dam in Davidson. The tents were arranged with the open-air dance floor in the center, and hanging glass globes with candles would add to the atmosphere.
Sounded like a great visual to me.
While at the church, I was taking pictures from the balcony and I kept hearing a strange sound as the ceremony progressed.
Then it hit me - it was rain, and lots of it.
Precipitation has been a rarity around these parts recently so I figured it would be short-lived. I kept thinking that as I made the trip from Concord to the reception site in Davidson.
But the rain kept coming. It wasn't torrential, but it was steady.
Well, George's dream was going to have to wait. But nobody seemed to worry about it too much and everything went off as planned.
Drinks, dinner and socializing continued and everyone was having a great time.
And then the rain stopped. The floor was mopped, and guests pitched in to dump water and light candles. The stage was set.
And George got his dance.
Although the clouds hid the stars, George and his beautiful new wife moved across the wet floor in front of all of their family and friends.
And they danced on into the night.

A little tie trouble

Stephanie gets help with her new earrings

Karen Wagoner touches up Stephanie's makeup

Stephanie looked radiant

Stephanie smiles at George as her dad walks her down the aisle

A big hug from mom after the ceremony

Entrance in the rain

Guests have some fun

The best man made up a song for his speech

Enjoying the first dance

George and his mom brought everyone to the dance floor as they danced to "Don't Stop Believin' "

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Winston-Salem Wedding

Jon and Jessica are a fun couple and they had a beautiful wedding at Home Moravian Church in Old Salem followed by a wonderful reception at the Graylyn International Conference Center.
Company photographer Laura Mueller helped out as everyone braved the unusually warm early June weather.
Thanks to wedding coordinator and director Jo Stanley of Perfect Directions Weddings and Special Events. She and Paula Glover, special events coordinator at Graylyn, helped create an incredibly memorable event.

Jon and Jessica at one of Graylyn's many beautiful settings

Jessica greets her grandparents before the wedding

Jessica looked fantastic

Laura's photo at Home Moravian Church

Jessica gets a hug from her grandmother

Jessica's brother congratulates Jon

The beautiful grounds at Graylyn

I never saw a golf cart I didn't like (Laura caught me in action)

First dance

Jessica's parents

Beautiful evening

Jon tears up the dance floor

Big sendoff

Monday, June 9, 2008

In the News

David Boraks did a very nice article about our portrait project on his website - DAVIDSONNEWS.NET.
We appreciate the coverage and we've gotten some great feedback on the project.
Check back soon for images from a fun wedding I photographed Saturday in Winston-Salem.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Unveiling the "Faces"

We first announced the project in February, started photography in March and today we are happy to unveil our "Faces of Davidson" pictures.
Click here to see the images. Scroll to the menu section and select Faces of Davidson. Be sure to roll over caption to learn more about the subjects.
Betsy and I wanted to thank everyone involved, from the many people who offered suggestions to all of our subjects.
Our only regret is that it was impossible to photograph all the people that deserved to be included in this fine group.
We had a wonderful time meeting all our subjects and we hope you enjoy the results.

Monday, June 2, 2008

An Eye for Design

As loyal blog followers have probably noticed I like photographing ballet and I've enjoyed a long-standing connection with the incredible North Carolina Dance Theatre (NCDT) here in Charlotte.
One of the benefits of that relationship is getting exposure to the work of talented artists like costume designer Christine Darch.
Darch has worked with many ballet companies and she is choreographer Dwight Rhoden's designer. She recently asked if she could use some of my photos on her website and I was happy to oblige. The photos show costumes she designed for Rhoden's Momentary Forevers.
Darch also does a limited number of wedding gown designs and she and a friend are working to develop a boutique collection for modern brides and bridesmaids.

NCDT dancers Addul Manzano and Rebecca Carmazzi in costumes by Christine Darch