Monday, June 2, 2008

An Eye for Design

As loyal blog followers have probably noticed I like photographing ballet and I've enjoyed a long-standing connection with the incredible North Carolina Dance Theatre (NCDT) here in Charlotte.
One of the benefits of that relationship is getting exposure to the work of talented artists like costume designer Christine Darch.
Darch has worked with many ballet companies and she is choreographer Dwight Rhoden's designer. She recently asked if she could use some of my photos on her website and I was happy to oblige. The photos show costumes she designed for Rhoden's Momentary Forevers.
Darch also does a limited number of wedding gown designs and she and a friend are working to develop a boutique collection for modern brides and bridesmaids.

NCDT dancers Addul Manzano and Rebecca Carmazzi in costumes by Christine Darch

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