Monday, June 16, 2008

A Dream Wedding

First dance for Stephanie and George

George had an idea.
He would dance with his beautiful new bride under a canopy of stars as all of their friends and family looked on.
Everything was set as he and Stephanie exchanged vows at All Saints Episcopal Church in Concord.
Friend and wedding planner Amy Johnson had things organized at the historic Beaver Dam in Davidson. The tents were arranged with the open-air dance floor in the center, and hanging glass globes with candles would add to the atmosphere.
Sounded like a great visual to me.
While at the church, I was taking pictures from the balcony and I kept hearing a strange sound as the ceremony progressed.
Then it hit me - it was rain, and lots of it.
Precipitation has been a rarity around these parts recently so I figured it would be short-lived. I kept thinking that as I made the trip from Concord to the reception site in Davidson.
But the rain kept coming. It wasn't torrential, but it was steady.
Well, George's dream was going to have to wait. But nobody seemed to worry about it too much and everything went off as planned.
Drinks, dinner and socializing continued and everyone was having a great time.
And then the rain stopped. The floor was mopped, and guests pitched in to dump water and light candles. The stage was set.
And George got his dance.
Although the clouds hid the stars, George and his beautiful new wife moved across the wet floor in front of all of their family and friends.
And they danced on into the night.

A little tie trouble

Stephanie gets help with her new earrings

Karen Wagoner touches up Stephanie's makeup

Stephanie looked radiant

Stephanie smiles at George as her dad walks her down the aisle

A big hug from mom after the ceremony

Entrance in the rain

Guests have some fun

The best man made up a song for his speech

Enjoying the first dance

George and his mom brought everyone to the dance floor as they danced to "Don't Stop Believin' "

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A. K. & A. said...

This is Tony from Japan. I was in the wedding, and man I would just like to say you took some beautiful pics man! I love photography myself and have always been big into it. I was wondering if there is a stash somewhere online of all your pics I could look at. Like on Flickr or Picasa. Let me know. Here heres my Flickr shots: