Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Stunning Charleston Wedding (Courtney and Matt)

Although Courtney and Matt had planned a beautiful outdoor wedding Saturday at Middleton Place Plantation near Charleston, they didn't let a little rain spoil the day. Under Matt's supervision, guests and groomsmen quickly stepped in to help move the event to a nearby tent and everything went off without a hitch.
The sun started to peek through the clouds as soon as the ceremony began and turned into brilliant sunshine by its conclusion.
The celebration then moved to Woodlands Resort and Inn for the reception. It was a great weekend with some amazing venues, starting with the rehearsal dinner Friday night at Planters Inn in Charleston.

Courtney and Matt share a moment after the ceremony

Friends and relatives take cover as the rain quickly turns from a sprinkle to a steady stream

Guests and groomsmen jumped in to help move the ceremony to a tent

Courtney and Matt enjoy their first moments as husband and wife

Having some fun after the ceremony

Courtney and her dad

The sun came out after the wedding

Beautiful early-evening light at Middleton Place

Courtney at the reception

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regina holder said...

absolutely beautiful! the shot of them walking out after the ceremony is gorgeous!!!!