Tuesday, August 5, 2008

An Amazing Weekend (Clary and Robert's wedding)

I had the great pleasure of photographing a full weekend of activities that were all part of Clary and Robert's amazing wedding.
I wanted to make sure to do the event justice so I'm displaying the images in two separate posts.
We'll start today with photos from the rehearsal dinner, hosted by Robert's parents, at the Duke Mansion and the after party at Belle Acres Golf & Country Club.
Aundrea Hopkins did a great job organizing everything at the Duke Mansion. Haines Barksdale of For Goodness Cakes made a wonderful groom's cake that paid homage to Robert's alma mater - the University of Virginia.
I can't say enough about how gracious Clary, Robert and both of their families were. It was truly a pleasure working with them.
Make sure to check back for the wedding photos in my next post.
(Remember to click on the photos for better viewing and hit the back button to return to the blog).

Clary and Robert during a toast

A nice outdoor setting at the Duke Mansion

The happy couple


Clary chats with Robert's grandfather

Cake by Haines Barksdale of For Goodness Cakes

Robert's dad tells a funny story about his son


Clary's mom talks about her close relationship with her daughter

Clary's dad enjoying the evening

Some of the bridesmaids told a few stories too

Clary looking radiant

Clary greets a friend at the after party


Shane Snider said...

Great shots, Chris! I really love that toasting shot...

Unknown said...

Who makes Clary's necklace? It is gorgeous and I would love to have one!