Friday, March 7, 2008

Contests and Cameras

Got some good news today when I found out one of our photographs won a 3rd place in the Getting Ready category of the Wedding Photojournalists Association's (WPJA) most recent contest.
The WPJA is an international association made up of the top wedding photojournalists in the world. The group is highly selective and its contests are incredibly competitive and judged by some of the best people in the world of photojournalism.
Contests can be subjective but its always nice to win. North Carolina is blessed with some amazingly talented photographers and I wanted to congratulate fellow winners Christobal and Kathleen Perez, Corey McNabb, Matt McGraw and Gary Allen.
The winning image came from Mary Madison and Andrew's October wedding in Myrtle Beach. (For more images from the wedding, click here.) It just so happened that it was Bike Week and Mary Madison reacted as she drew the attention of several passing bikers while heading to the church.
JUDGES COMMENTS: This looks to me like a true candid moment with the photographer able to capture this moment because he or she was able to anticipate the action and be in the position to make the photograph. Some would mind the fence of rail in the foreground, but I don’t. If anything it adds to this candid moment. This particular moment was not one of the many predictable moments of a wedding. Howard Chapnick taught me that a great photograph is a combination of elements: capturing the moment, conveying useful information, emotion, and composition. Howard wrote a book which I think is the Bible for picture editors and photographers: TRUTH NEEDS NO ALLY.
They added: Everyone has similar expressions and that’s what makes this photo--as the bride is helped with her dress on the way to the ceremony.

In other news, I'm selling two of my Nikon D200 cameras and I wanted to see if any of our readers might be interested. Both cameras come with the MB-D200 grip and an extra battery. Both are in great shape and have low numbers of shutter clicks.
Email me at if you are interested.

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regina holder said...

Congratulations! It's great seeing so many NC photographers winning awards!