Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Nutcracker Photos

Seeing the North Carolina Dance Theatre's (NCDT) Nutcracker performance is always a great way to get into the holiday spirit.
This year's show includes a new set and choreography by artistic director Jean-Pierre Bonnefoux.
I photographed the dress rehearsal Tuesday night as the company prepares for the first show Friday night.
The cast also includes talented local children who spend many hours practicing and performing.
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Happy Holidays!

Ellen Hummel as Clara

Drosselmeier, portrayed by NCDT's Sasha Janes, lifts Clara

Addul Manzano leaps

Mia Cunningham and Addul Manzano

Kara Wilkes

Kara Wilkes and Randolph Ward

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David Maialetti said...

Hey Chris,
Happy Holidays to you and your family.
Fun Nutcracker photos.
Love the wedding images on your home page. The images from "featured weddings" are outstanding. The Mindy and Louis wedding looked like a lot of fun and unique. The image of them alone in the open room is beautiful.
I noticed several images in the section captured someone's point and shoot flash going off. Very nice and good fortune. Keep up the great work!
Yes,that was me on the sideline at the Cowboys-Eagles game. Pure luck that I was standing there. I'm glad I had the camera up because you never want to boss to see you on tv not making pictures. We used the bucket shot on the sports front so I didn't post it on my blog. I try not to post the published images. It was a fun game to shoot considering how bad the season has gone for the Eagles.
Hope all is well.
Take care,