Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Golf Lesson

I had one of my golfing dreams come true Wednesday as I got a private lesson at the Dana Rader Golf School.
Dana Rader, an amazing businessperson and one of the top teaching golf pros in the country, has a golf school in south Charlotte at the Ballantyne Resort.
I've been golfing for a long time but I've never really had any expert instruction. Betsy and the kids knew I've wanted to do this for some time and they gave me the lesson as a present.
Thanks to Jason Sutton, an accomplished teacher in his own right, for being patient and giving me some great pointers. It was also cool to see my swing on videotape.
Now I've got a lot of work to do!

Gotta love a pyramid of golf balls

Instructor Jason Sutton and me


Michael Connor / Connor Studios said...

Seeing that stack of golf balls makes me excited for the Florida trips this year traveling for Redskins games. Nothing like getting paid to be on the road and taking the golf clubs.

Orange Cat Photo said...

You should come to the Rock Barn PGA Senior tour in a couple of weeks. My parents live on the 13th hole so it makes for a full day of fun!

Christopher Record said...

Man, that sounds like a plan Dana! I may have a travel wedding that weekend but I would love to otherwise.