Friday, June 29, 2007

Studio Session

Did a quick studio session today for Dan, a local businessman looking for some promotional photos.
Dan and I hit it off right away as we chatted about our mutual loves of golf and music. (His wife recently gave him an awesome birthday gift as he got to play Pebble Beach Golf Links, one of the best courses in the world.)
My son Sean has been helping me lug equipment as he learns more about photography. (Sean actually had his first photo published in the newspaper at age 13 when he got a great shot while working with me at the Carolina Panther training camp.)
We also had some fun taking some pictures as he helped me adjust the studio lights. I was also trying to show him how you can change the mood of the photos by using one light instead of two.
We did some standard head-and-shoulders photos of Dan and then did a few that were a bit more relaxed.
Dan was great to work with and I'm hoping we can get together for some golf in the near future.

Sean looking serious as we set the lights

The many faces of Sean
We utilized one light for the second shot and two lights for the other two

Standard head shot

More interesting lighting with a relaxed pose


Dan Pliszka said...

When I asked Christopher about doing some publicity shots, I never dreamed that I would end up on his blog -- not that I mind that at all. Now that I received the photos that Christopher did, I have two questions. Are you using Christopher Record as your photographer? If the answer is no; why not?

Christopher Record said...

Thanks Dan! Hope we can tee it up some time.