Sunday, April 1, 2007

Grant's Big Day

We had a great day Saturday celebrating with friends Chris and Heidi as their son Grant turned 2.

I had the pleasure of photographing Chris and Heidi's wedding in Mount Pleasant, S.C., a few years ago and have since photographed their two sons. We recently finished a photo shoot with their second son, Anderson.

Heidi, a former event planner who now stays home with the boys, throws a great party and she organized a cowboy-themed party for family and friends.

Thanks guys and Happy Birthday Grant!

Birthday boy


Grant kicks up his heels

Heidi works some nice camera gear

Cowboy Grant

Chris and Grant take aim at Grandma

Future Jack Bauer!


Balloons are awesome!


Time to hit the trail!

Chris and Heidi's wedding day

Chris and Heidi

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